Creating Projects that Engage with Communities

Linaro Community Projects Division manages open source projects with open governance.

Open governance provides stakeholders in an open source project with transparent mechanisms for managing ecosystem contributions and project roadmaps. It gives a project freedom from one company’s ownership and agenda, which can be critical in driving wide adoption of a particular codebase, especially when investment is needed by those who want to deploy the code to enable their commercial offering. Open governance gives transparent rules about how the codebase will evolve and safeguards these investments.

The Community Projects division was created to allow Linaro-hosted open source projects to become open-governance and make them more accessible. Linaro felt there needed to be a choice for new, cross-architecture, open source, open governance projects. While Linaro is a major player in the Arm ecosystem, community projects are intended to be cross-architecture.

The Community Projects Division currently hosts the following projects:

Membership of a particular Community Project is separate from Linaro membership and Linaro membership is not required. The project is controlled by the project board while Linaro provides legal and financial hosting and support.

Any company is eligible to join a community project. For more information, please click on the relevant project.