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View the Linaro 10.11 release webinar

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View the Linaro 10.11 release and beyond webinar that took place at Techcon


This talk outlined the progress made by Linaro, a new not for profit organisation that drives forward innovation and aligned investment in open source software and tools. It described Linaro’s current engineering activity, how it works with the open source community, the 10.11 release, and looks forward to the next six month engineering cycle. The reason for doing a mixture of upstream development in key areas such as Linux kernel, tools and graphics as well as a regular validated release are discussed. The relevance to distribution owners, OEMs, silicon partners and open source community developers is covered.

This presentation is relevant to:

  • Operators considering their open source strategies
  • OEM’s/ODM’s implementing Linux based products
  • Silicon partners looking to have tier#1 Linux support
  • Open source developers wanting to get involved

Webinar registrants will learn:

  1. How Linaro is relevant to Linux based open source projects and product development
  2. Progress at Linaro since the launch at Computex
  3. What you can take advantage of in the 10.11 release and plans for 11.05
  4. How silicon partners can use Linaro to improve their Linux support
  5. How to join the Linaro community and get involved