Video plays a key role in expanding Linaro’s community and building the future of Linux on Arm background image

Video plays a key role in expanding Linaro’s community and building the future of Linux on Arm

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HONG KONG - 29 JUN 2012

During the week of 28 May to 1 June 2012 over 230 developers and engineers, from around 50 organizations and the Arm open-source community gathered at the Gold Coast Hotel for Linaro Connect Q2.12 to plan out and code the future of Linux on Arm.

The entire event was broadcast on YouTube by the Novacut video crew and video blogger Nicolas Charbonnier (Charbax) and, to make Linaro Connect more accessible in real time, all the key sessions were done using Google Hangouts. During this event a concentrated effort was made to make the event more accessible for those attending remotely by Linaro’s use of Google + Hangouts on Air () to allow for better audio and visual remote participation. This was the first time Google+ Hangouts on Air was used to record all the sessions and there were many challenges that had to be addressed, such as finding a way to let participants know where the sessions could be found ahead of time, effective room set up, camera locations and how to set up the hangouts to go to the same youtube channel all had to be resolved during the week. There were many lessons learned during this event and much feedback was received from those who participated remotely to help improve these efforts for our next event.

Charbax interviewed attendees, captured sessions, demos and more from the event. Novacut is no stranger to Linaro Connect events and they have been assisting Linaro in capturing these events through video, pictures and interviews for the past year, however during this event there was an effort to video every session and activity as opposed to just key ones. Charbax joined us for the first time in Hong Kong and has already made a great impression on those who have seen his videos from the event. Most notable was the demonstration of the toolchain improvements to Linaro’s Android Evaluation Build (LEB) that was demonstrated on the PandaBoard but all the toolchain improvements are applicable to all our member boards. This video ( ) has already generated more than 200,000 views.

Overall between Novacut (, Charbax( ) and the Google +Hangouts on Air () more videos will be added to the Linaro Connect Q2.12 Resource page by the end of July.

Another notable discussion that was captured on video by Novacut was “Is it time for Arm in the Enterprise?” ( This panel discussion was facilitated by Linaro CTO David Rusling and included Tim Wesselman of HP (, Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical (, Jeff Underhill of Arm ( and Jon Masters of Red Hat ( who “took the bullets as they came” and answered questions around Arm in Enterprise ecosystem.

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Linaro Connect is held every three to four months to bring the Linux on Arm community together to work on the latest system-on-chip (SoC) developments, plan new engineering efforts and hold engineering hacking sessions. These events give the Linux community an opportunity to be a part of the Linaro team and help to define the Arm tools, Linux kernels and builds of key Linux distributions including Android and Ubuntu on member SoCs.

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