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Linaro Updates Schedule and List of Keynote Speakers for Linaro Connect Las Vegas 2016

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Cambridge, UK: 1 September 2016

Linaro, the not-for-profit engineering organization developing open source software for the Arm architecture, today updated the schedule and full list of keynote speakers for the upcoming Linaro Connect Las Vegas 2016 (LAS16) that will take place September 26-30th. Join the over 400 already registered engineers to discuss the latest Arm open source software engineering by registering today. The event will feature several keynote speakers covering topics including open source benefits for IoT and embedded applications, open source robotics, the challenges of open source in a corporate environment, the importance of end to end security and community 3.0. Linaro’s Chief Executive Officer, George Grey, will kick-off the event with announcements about Linaro’s new development directions and demonstrations of ongoing engineering work.

The keynote speakers currently scheduled for Linaro Connect LAS16 are:

  • George Grey, Linaro CEO, on Monday 26th September
  • Morgan Quigley, Open Source Robotics Foundation Chief Architect, on Monday 26th September
  • Sarah Sharp, Otter Tech Founder, on Tuesday 27th September
  • Geoff Thorpe, NXP Head of Security Center of Excellence, on Wednesday 28th September
  • Brian Richardson, Intel Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, on Thursday 29th September
  • Jono Bacon, Jono Bacon Consulting Founder, on Friday 30th September

The keynotes are followed by discussion sessions, presentations and lots of engineering hacking. The agenda covers a broad range of open source topics, with a special focus on the Monday on IoT and Embedded, Tuesday on Mobile, Wednesday on Home and Servers, Thursday on Networking and Friday on Community. In addition, Linaro Connect will be hosting three mini conferences after the keynotes on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All attendees are welcome to join. The topics for the conferences are:

  • Firmware on Tuesday 27th September
  • Cortex-M Software on Wednesday 28th September
  • AOSP on Thursday 29th September

The theme for LAS16 is Engineers and Devices Working Together.  Linaro’s leadership in the Arm ecosystem relies on engineers from many different companies working together with the latest technology to develop and optimize software. The collaborative engineering process is key to Linaro’s success and is what makes being part of Linaro so unique. LAS16 will be all about the engineers, the process involved in building and testing software, and enjoying working with technology. Linaro Connect LAS16 will be held at the beautiful JW Marriott Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Linaro Linaro is leading collaboration on open source development in the Arm ecosystem. The company has over 250 engineers working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the Arm architecture, including developer tools, the Linux kernel, Arm power management, and other software infrastructure. Linaro is distribution neutral: it wants to provide the best software foundations to everyone by working upstream, and to reduce non differentiating and costly low level fragmentation. The effectiveness of the Linaro approach has been demonstrated by Linaro’s growing membership, and by Linaro consistently being listed as one of the top five company contributors, worldwide, to Linux kernels since 3.10.

To ensure commercial quality software, Linaro’s work includes comprehensive test and validation on member hardware platforms. The full scope of Linaro engineering work is open to all online. To find out more, please visit and