Linaro, Arm, Marvell to host the “Arm on Arm” Summit for developers at Linaro Connect background image

Linaro, Arm, Marvell to host the “Arm on Arm” Summit for developers at Linaro Connect

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Linaro Ltd, the open source collaborative engineering organization developing software for the Arm® ecosystem, together with Arm and Marvell, is pleased to announce the final schedule for the Arm on Arm Summit at Linaro Connect Bangkok 2019. The summit, which features key technology leaders across the industry, aims to encourage diversity of supply from Arm-based hardware vendors while showcasing the value of the world’s largest compute ecosystem.

Experts from Arm, Gyrfalcon, HiSilicon, Linaro, Marvell, Packet, and Socionext will come together at the Centara Grand in Bangkok, Thailand. The Arm on Arm summit will provide attendees with updates and demonstrations on achievements to-date, including the examination of native software development and deployment targeting Arm platforms using Arm-based hosts.

Developers will also see a multitude of Arm-based hardware platforms including laptops, desktops and high-end servers available to them. The event will conclude with a panel of experts from Linaro, Arm, Marvell and Packet hosting a forward-looking discussion detailing upcoming DevOp milestones required to continue to drive seamless system deployments on the Arm architecture.

“Linaro has played a key role in enabling native development on Arm through many open source technologies ranging from low level firmware and Linux kernel all the way up the application stack and including >Datacentre orchestration like OpenStack Powered cloud, in Linaro Developer Cloud.” said Elsie Wahlig, Senior Director of Linaro Datacentre and Cloud Group.  “We are excited to bring together so many ecosystem players to showcase all the hard work done so far and discuss next steps.”

“Arm native development has never been easier,” said Thomas Molgaard, director of Software Technology Management, Arm. “With the emergence of Arm-based laptops, readily available desktop PCs, and most recently the Arm Neoverse™ system development platform (SDP), all running the industry’s most widely-used operating systems, developers have a wealth of robust hardware platforms to develop for Arm-based solutions.”

“The Arm-based server ecosystem is gaining momentum around both open source and commercial software support,” said Larry Wikelius, vice president of Ecosystem and Partner Enabling at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “Specifically, end users of the Marvell® ThunderX2® 64-bit processor, based on the Armv8-A architecture, are expanding their application deployment in areas that include commercial EDA simulation, compute intensive HPC applications and scale-out cloud workloads. Linaro’s significant open source contributions and influence have been key to this rapidly proliferating software community.”

The event will kick-off with keynotes from Packet and Socionext, followed by sessions on Arm Neoverse, SUSE, machine learning (ML) for Arm on Arm, and more.

About Linaro Connect

Every six months, over 300 of the world’s leading open source engineers working on Arm get together for a full week of engineering sessions and hacking at Linaro Connect.  For those working on open source software for Arm platforms, Linaro Connect is the place to be to understand the latest developments and work directly with the most active engineers and maintainers in the ecosystem.

About Linaro

Linaro leads collaboration in the Arm ecosystem and helps companies work with the latest open source technology. The company has over 300 engineers working on more than 70 open source projects, developing and optimizing software and tools, ensuring smooth product roll outs, and reducing maintenance costs. Work happens across segments including datacenter & cloud, edge & fog, IoT & embedded, consumer, machine intelligence, telecom & networking, autonomous vehicles, and high performance computing. Linaro is distribution neutral: it wants to provide the best software foundations to everyone by working upstream, and to reduce non-differentiating and costly low-level fragmentation. The effectiveness of the Linaro approach has been demonstrated by Linaro’s growing membership, and by Linaro consistently being listed as one of the top five company contributors, worldwide, to Linux kernels since 3.10.

To ensure commercial quality software, Linaro’s work includes comprehensive test and validation on member hardware platforms. The full scope of Linaro engineering work is open to all online. To find out more, please visit and

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Arm technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Our advanced, energy-efficient processor designs have enabled intelligent computing in more than 130 billion chips. More than 70% of the world’s population are using Arm technology, which is securely powering products from the sensor to the smartphone to the supercomputer. This technology combined with our IoT software and end-to-end connectivity, device and data management platform enables customers to derive real business value from their connected devices and data. Together with our 1,000+ technology partners we are at the forefront of designing, securing and managing all areas of compute from the chip to the cloud.

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