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Linaro appoints Mark Orvek to post of VP of Engineering

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Linaro, the not-for-profit engineering organization developing open source software for the Arm architecture, today announced the appointment of Mark Orvek as VP of Engineering.

Mark Orvek - VP of Engineering at Linaro

The announcement was made during the opening keynote at Linaro Connect Asia 2013 in Hong Kong by George Grey, Linaro CEO. He said ““We are very pleased to appoint Mark to the Vice President of  Engineering role. With his extensive previous work in open source software at MontaVista, he brings a strong industry background and experience in high quality software delivery to the Linaro team.”

The Vice President of Engineering is responsible for leading the Linaro engineering team, consisting of over 150 Linaro and member open source engineers. The team consists of Arm toolchain, kernel, power management and graphics/multimedia working groups as well as a platform team responsible for test, validation and upstream code delivery. In addition the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) works on Arm Server ecosystem software, and the recently formed Linaro Networking Group (LNG) works on the software ecosystem for network communications equipment.

“We are experiencing tremendous change and innovation with the Arm architecture and Linaro is well positioned as a key contributor to the rapidly evolving landscape. The engineering team is fantastic and represents some of the very best engineers working in the Linux kernel and associated technologies.  This is a great time to be at Linaro!” said Mark Orvek, Linaro VP of Engineering.

Mark joined Linaro as Director of Working Groups in August 2012. Prior to this he was Vice President of Engineering and Services at MontaVista Software. He joined MontaVista in 1999 as the director of engineering, responsible for new product development focused on making the Linux operating system suitable for embedded systems and embedded applications. He managed the development of key technologies for Linux including multi-architecture platform support, real-time, carrier grade high availability, small footprint, fast boot, power management and most recently the MontaVista Linux 6 Integration Platform. Before MontaVista, he was an R&D Section Manager at Hewlett-Packard (HP), holding various positions including technical field support, development engineer, R&D Project Manager and R&D Section Manager in HP’s business servers and Real-time embedded board computers.  Mark holds BS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and in Computer Science from California State University at Dominguez Hills.

Hi-res images of Mark are available here.

About Linaro

Linaro is the place where engineers from the world’s leading technology companies define the future of Linux on Arm. The company is a not-for-profit engineering organization with over 140 engineers working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the Arm architecture, including developer tools, the Linux kernel, Arm power management, and other software infrastructure. Linaro is distribution neutral: it wants to provide the best software foundations to everyone, and to reduce non-differentiating and costly low level fragmentation.

To ensure commercial quality software, Linaro’s work includes comprehensive test and validation on member hardware platforms. The full scope of Linaro’s engineering work is open to all online. To find out more, please visit .