Register for Linaro Connect and join hundreds of the world’s leading Arm Open Source engineers.

The next Linaro Connect will be held in London, United Kingdom, Wednesday 26-Friday 28 April 2023 at the Park Plaza Riverbank.

We are offering a discounted ticket rate of £900 if you register before the end of February. Tickets will be £1,200 from March onwards. Speakers receive free passes.*

*Linaro Member Companies get a discounted rate regardless of when they book. If you are a Linaro Member Company, please contact connect@linaro.org to receive your discount code if you haven’t already received it.

Linaro Connect provides a platform to discuss and learn about the leading software topics, challenges and opportunities in the Arm Ecosystem today. What are the problems, innovations and hands-on knowledge that today’s Arm Developers are working on?

See below key deadlines:

  • Deadline to submit proposals: Wednesday 1 March 2023
  • Schedule launch: Wednesday 15 March 2023
  • Slides to be submitted: Wednesday 19 April 2023

From the smallest devices (IoT and embedded) to big data (enterprise), there is an Arm solution. We welcome proposals for technical presentations and discussions and Birds of a Feather (BoF). Con While we welcome technical proposals on all topics related to Arm software, we are particularly interested in seeing sessions on the following topics:

  • Automotive, Industrial and Edge

    • Continuous Integration
    • Virtualization
    • Security and Trust
    • Compliance and Open Standards (SOAFEE, SystemReady, Project Cassini)
  • Client Devices

    • Android, Linux Kernel Development and Virtualization
    • Windows on Arm and Native Support
  • IoT

    • AI and Microcontrollers
    • RTOS, Security and Trust

To view slides or videos from the keynotes and sessions from previous Linaro Virtual Connect events for inspiration for your submission, please go to our Resources page.

Submit your proposals here

The next Linaro Connect will be held in London, United Kingdom Wednesday 26-Friday 28 April 2023 at the Park Plaza Riverbank.

All attendees can book a room at the Park Plaza Riverbank here https://www.parkplazariverbank.com using the Linaro group code [LINC23]. Please contact connect@linaro.org if you have any issue with this code.

If you require a visa and need a business invitation letter and/or visa support letter, please register for Linaro Connect and then complete the visa and business invitation letter request form.

Linaro Connect London 2023 is the first in-person event Linaro Connect in three years!

Hundreds of attendees - from highly specialised Linux on Arm developers to Software Engineers and Technical Architects - come to Linaro Connect to share ideas with fellow experts, plan future engineering work and learn what is going on in the industry.

Sponsorship of the event puts your brand in front of world-leading Arm Software Experts. If you’d like to sponsor, download our Sponsorship Prospectus here and contact connect@linaro.org to find out more.

Linaro Connect 是由 Linaro 主办的以开发人员为中心的工程活动,它将硬件和软件的开发人员和维护人员聚集在一起,以协作和讨论常见问题。 Linaro Connect 会议涵盖的主题包括 Linux 内核、工具链、物联网和嵌入式、人工智能、Android、持续集成测试、安全性、标准化固件等。

自 Linaro 于 2010 年成立以来,我们已经将 Linaro Connect 举办了为期五天的活动,其中包括 120 多场技术会议和主题演讲、商务会议、黑客会议和技术演示展示。 在 Connect,我们有来自 25 多个国家和 50 多家公司的大约 400 名与会者参加。

2020 年春季,我们计划在匈牙利布达佩斯举办 Linaro Connect,但由于 COVID-19 大流行的开始,我们不得不取消我们的面对面活动,因此开始了我们的虚拟活动之旅。 我们在 [2020 年 3 月] (https://resources.linaro.org/en/tags/2014c600-6140-43ee-aa5f-db7fa650bfd5) 举办了我们的第一次虚拟活动,并且从那时起每年举办两次 Linaro Virtual Connect 活动。

我们的虚拟活动重现了 Linaro Connect 中一些最重要的元素,包括面向开发人员的低级技术会议内容和培训、重要的行业更新和公告、技术演示,以及与其他软件和硬件开发人员交流和交流的机会 和开源维护者。 我们的目标是将全球的 Arm 和开源社区聚集在一起,共同解决常见问题,我们的免费虚拟活动使我们能够比以往任何时候都更广泛地参与进来。

我们将继续举办虚拟活动,直到可以安全地再次亲自举办 Linaro Connect。 要详细了解我们即将举行的虚拟活动的计划,请查看我们的博客 此处

我们希望我们能尽快与大家一起恢复 Linaro Connect!

可以在 Linaro 资源中心 上找到我们过去的面对面和虚拟 Linaro Connect 活动的过去 Linaro Connects 的会议记录和幻灯片(1400 多个免费公共视频)