Multiprocessing and OpenAMP Messaging Demo background image

Multiprocessing and OpenAMP Messaging Demo

Bill Fletcher

Linaro and its members are developing a set of software components and tools to help with a system approach to multiprocessing. This short video shows a multiprocessing demo running on the STM32MP1 from STMicroelectronics.

Featured Linaro work in this demo includes:

  • Devicetree - an on-going area of work in Linaro
  • OpenAMP - a Linaro Community Project
  • 96Boards specification - Avenger96 Community Board and mezzanine expansion
  • Zephyr - Linaro is a contributor to the Zephyr project

For more details of these technologies, please see our previous blog on heterogeneous multicore systems.

Linaro brings together industry and the open source engineering community to collaboratively develop software on Arm.

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