Microsoft to talk IoT security with Azure Sphere at the upcoming Linaro Connect San Diego 2019 background image

Microsoft to talk IoT security with Azure Sphere at the upcoming Linaro Connect San Diego 2019

Andrea Gallo

In less than a week, we will be hosting Linaro Connect at San Diego Paradise Point, September 23-27, 2019. We are pleased to announce that the Microsoft Azure Sphere team will be joining us, presenting an Azure Sphere IoT Track on Tuesday, September 24. If you are attending Linaro Connect you can register for these sessions by going to the event schedule. For those following remotely, Linaro Connect keynotes will be streamed live on Linaro’s YouTube channel and resources for sessions will be made available by the end of the week on the Linaro Connect website. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect:

How do we keep billions of internet connected devices secure?

Ed Nightingale, Partner Director of Engineering for Microsoft Azure Sphere, will give a keynote on Tuesday, September 24 at 10:30 AM about the security challenges that come with connecting devices to the internet and what it takes to connect them securely. Billions of devices rely on microcontrollers—from microwaves to assembly line equipment—and they’re being connected to the internet for the first time. Connectivity brings new and exciting experiences, but most microcontrollers are not equipped for the inherent security challenges. Ed will talk you through the seven properties of highly secure devices, which Microsoft considers the standard for any device connected to the internet. For more information about Ed Nightingale or to read the complete keynote abstract, click here.

Fitting Linux security into 4MiB of RAM

Following Ed Nightingale’s keynote, there will be a session at 11:00 AM led by Ryan Fairfax, Principal Software Engineering Lead for Microsoft Azure Sphere. Ryan will discuss the challenges of taking modern security techniques and adapting them to resource-constrained devices and the technical details of Azure Sphere security components. For more information about Ryan Fairfax or to read the complete abstract, click here.

A view from industry: Securing IoT with Azure Sphere

Ed Nightingale will wrap up the Azure Sphere IoT track at 12:00 PM with a technical session on Azure Sphere. Ed will talk through the critical market scenarios Azure Sphere addresses, dig deep into the silicon, software, and cloud architecture that make up the solution, and share some of the project’s history. Attend this session to explore the unique security design and capabilities that make Azure Sphere-certified chips unique and why an end-to-end IoT security solution is critical. For more information, click here to read the complete abstract.

For more information about Linaro Connect or how to register go to the Connect page. We hope to see you there!