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Linaro at the Embedded Linux Conference

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Embedded Linux Conference 2011

Next week, the Embedded Linux Conference will start in San Francisco, and this year several Linaro engineers will share their work and experience. There will be six talks related to Linaro!

David Rusling

First, David Rusling, Linaro’s CTO, will present Linaro, a Year of Change, covering the reasons for creating Linaro, its achievements and ongoing work. You will also learn about how Linaro is organized.

Anrd Bergmann

Then, Arnd Bergman, Linaro kernel engineer, will cover Optimizations For Cheap Flash Media, explaining how to work around the shortcomings of cheap flash storage (MMC/SD, eMMC, USB flash drives), and to get the best performance out of these storage devices. Arnd will also be present at the Technical Showcase, demonstrating his flashbench utility. Participants will be able to come with their own flash media, and reverse engineer them during the showcase. To water your mouth on this topic, you should read the very interesting article that Arnd wrote on

As the keynote speaker for the second day, Arnd will also present Becoming Part of the Linux Kernel Community, sharing lessons learned and guidelines for companies which are now trying to merge code upstream, driven by the requirements of application platforms like Android and Meego.

Amit Kucheria

Next comes Amit Kucheria, power management tech lead and kernel engineer at Linaro, with a Powerdebugging Inside Linaro talk. Amit will cover Linaro’s efforts to make it easier for Arm developers to create battery friendly software, in particular Powerdebug, a utility to identify what drains the battery of a product. Amit will also cover the common kernel frameworks that are needed to progress in this area, some already implemented, and some yet to create. Amit has countless things to say about power management, and if you are interested in this topic, you should also read his blog post about prolonging battery life.

Paul Larson

Right after Amit, Paul Larson, tech lead of Linaro’s validation team, will share his experience with Linaro Automated Validation on Arm. Linaro developed a framework called Lava, to implement automated validation of Arm devices.

Jesse Barker

The sixth Linaro talk will be presented by Jesse Barker, tech lead for the Linaro Graphics Working Group: Linux Graphics Meets the Arm Ecosystem. Jesse will cover the evolution of the Linux graphics stack to meet the needs of mobile and embedded devices. You can also expect some details about OpenGL and OpenGL ES, and will be able to ask all your graphics related questions to Jesse.

You can also have a look at the Linaro Wiki for more details about all the speakers mentioned above. Other Linaro engineers and community members should also be there. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this conference to get in touch with us!

If you can’t make it to this conference this time, my colleagues at Free Electrons will shoot videos of these talks, and will release these talks as quickly as possible. We now have an efficient and hopefully stable video processing flow.

Have a great experience at ELC!