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Ryan Arnold


Ryan Arnold is the Engineering Director for the Linaro System Technologies Group which is an engineering organization that has developed industry-leading software tools and services that expand the DevOps toolbox for embedded device-automation, operating system & firmware development, and comprehensive OS level testing.

Formerly a Linux kernel developer, GNU Toolchain Maintainer (glibc), Toolchain release manager, Toolchain integration specialist, and Power Architecture 32-bit ABI author, Ryan now focuses his efforts on the bigger picture by leading teams that are developing tools to improve the quality of open source software operating system projects and the products built from them.

Ryan drives development of the TuxSuite SaaS that provides cloud scalable, on demand APIs for building, booting, and testing the Linux kernel and Open Embedded. He kicked off Linaro’s LKFT Program which has become an essential to Linux LTS quality by identifying what would become in-field regressions in Linux LTS releases. During his tenure Ryan has led a new vision for the LAVA software project, championing simplification, containerization, turn-key administration, release management, and cloud-native service hosting.