Wednesday Linaro Connect LAS16 Re-cap background image

Wednesday Linaro Connect LAS16 Re-cap

Wednesday at Linaro Connect LAS16 began with a great key by Geoff Thorpe who heads up security within the Microcontroller group of NXP. Geoff gave an overview of  Zephyr and talked about the what, where, why as well as gave an update on the status of Zephyr. Geoff also discussed IoT security including the terminology, disruptions, observations and how Zephyr fits into this. Watch the keynote and see the slides:

Wednesday Linaro Connect LAS16 Re-cap content image
Wednesday Linaro Connect LAS16 Re-cap content image

We also had our second Mini-Conference, the Cortex-M Software - Device Configuration. SoC Vendors, board vendors, software middle layers, scripting languages, etc all need to have access to system configuration information (pin muxes, what sensors are on a system, what amount of memory, flash, etc, etc). They need a means to convey this in a vendor neutral mechanism but also one that is friendly for Cortex-M/constrained footprint devices. The session discussed this topic, how its done today, what kinda tooling might exist from different vendors, what we could utilize (device tree) and what issues that creates.

Visit Connect Resources to watch the sessions and view the presentations.

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