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Wednesday highlights from Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015


Wednesday began with two guest keynotes for attendees to go to.  The first was by Bob Monkman, Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager at Arm.  Bob’s keynote topic was “The impact of Arm in the next generation cloud and communication network infrastructure”.  He spoke about the new era of workload optimized servers and how one size does not fit all any longer.  The second keynote of the day was given by Greg Kroah-Hartman, Fellow at Linux Foundation.  Greg’s keynote topic was “An introduction to the Greybus Project”.  Greg gave a great overview of the status of this Google sponsored project he worked on with Linaro.

After the morning keynotes the attendees kicked off another day of sessions and hacking.  To see all the presentations available from this week please visit the Linaro slideshare.   Also many of the videos from sessions on Monday and Tuesday are now available for viewing and can be watched on the Linaro YouTube Channel.

Bob Monkman and Greg Kroah-Hartman Keynotes from Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015

Finally Wednesday was when the voting started for our photo contest for attendees to win a Phantom 2.

We asked attendees to take pictures around the following categories: Photo that best reflects collaboration Best illustrates Hong Kong What Connect means to you Most creative photo with Tux

Help us pick the winner. The picture with the most Likes wins.

Highlights from Linaro Connect Hong Kong, are available on the event hubFlickr, YouTube, Facebook,Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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