Ubuntu Linaro Evaluation Build 2012.03.1 for Snowball

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This is an intermediate release due to problems with HDMI output around the 2012.03 release date.

The 2012.03-1 Ubuntu Desktop release from Linaro and Igloo Community is now available for download at


Please follow the instructions there for installing the image on microSD card.

You can also get an image that can be flashed to the internal memory from


The images are compressed to save download time. Please see the Flashing howto for installation instructions for the prebuilt image for the internal memory:


The Linaro release page can be found at


Since this release was delayed, the applicable test results at


will be in the 12.03.1 row.

Sources for all free components in the release are available from the Igloo Gitweb:


You can also get the sources, as well as updates, from the Snowball PPA repository:


A full list of bugs fixed for this release is available at




Main supported features

  • Based on Linux 3.3.0 and the Linaro Ubuntu desktop file system

  • HDMI/DVI-D display support

  • Graphics acceleration with the Mali 400 GPU

  • Bluetooth® wireless technology support

  • Ethernet and Wireless connectivity

  • GPS support

  • Sensors support (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer)

  • microSD card support

  • Audio playback (see known limitations)

  • Limited USB OTG host functionality

Features to be included in future releases

  • Multimedia acceleration

  • Better USB OTG host support

Known limitations

  • USB OTG host mode is working only in a limited fashion:


Please report any further issues with this image at the Igloo Community launchpad project. For details about it please see:


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