Trying Linaro Jellybean Android on Samsung's Origen board

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This post takes you through trying a prebuilt build on a Samsung Origen and then reproducing that exact build.

Try the Prebuilt Build

Go to Jellybean Origen build 22 and go through the instructions on the page to try the prebuilt build.

Now Build

Download and make executable from the “Downloads” section of the Jellybean Origen build 22 with the following commands:

chmod +x

Now get the pinned-manifest.xml with:


Get the current vendor tarball by pasting this link in a browser: and saving the file.

Then run to build:

./ -m /full/path/to/pinned-manifest.xml -o /full/path/to/vendor.tar.bz2

To Rebuild

To rebuild things, you can look in the script to see how things got built. In it you’ll see that you can do this to rebuild:

export TARGET_PRODUCT=origen
export CPUS=`grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo`
export TARGET_TOOLS_PREFIX=android-toolchain-eabi/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-
. build/
make -j${CPUS} boottarball systemtarball userdatatarball


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