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Thursday Linaro Connect LAS16 Re-cap


The Thursday keynote was given by Brian Richardson who is an an Intel technical evangelist and is a blogger for the Intel Software Evangelists project, a former writer for, and executive producer for DragonConTV. Brian gave a keynote on “TianoCore - Open Source UEFI Community Update”. Brian spoke about the TianoCore project which hosts EDK II, an open source implementation of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). He discussed how EDK II has become the defacto UEFI implementation for Arm and Intel platforms, expanding standards based firmware across multiple architectures. He gave an update on the current status of the TianoCore project, plans for future improvements, and talked about why firmware is critical in today’s digital ecosystem.

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Following the keynote we had our final mini-conference of the week. The topic was “AOSP”, purpose of this mini conference was to gather fellow Android engineers together from the community, member companies, and Linaro to discuss engineering activities and improve collaboration across different groups. There were many topics discussed during the mini-conference such as Filesystems, HAL consolidation, Graphics, WiFi and sensor HAL status, New developments with AOSP + the Kernel, EAS in common.git & integration with AOSP userspace,  AOSP transition to clang, Out of tree AOSP User space Patches and many other.

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To see the videos and materials available from the conference as well as the other sessions that took place on Thursday visit: Connect Resources

Thursday night was our Linaro Connect party for all the attendees. There was great food and drinks as well as lots of games for people to try out. The party was Vegas themed and we had many people “dress up” for the event and take advantage of our photo booth to capture some team fun. These are some of our favorites.

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