Hello again.

The 12.01 Release is out. The full story can be found here. The Android team is now working closely with the Landing teams to get hardware acceleration going on all fronts. Here is a summary of this weeks progress:

Key Points for wider discussion

  • The 12.01 release of the Android Platform is done.

  • The schedule for the San Francisco Connect meeting is finalized. http://summit.ubuntu.com/lcq1-12/track/linaro-platforms/

Team Highlights

  • A presentation of running platforms with h/w accelerated graphics was made at the Linaro member meeting.

  • Good progress on browser automation using monkeyrunner.

  • Progress on GPS on Snowball.

  • Progress on Snowball Multimedia.

  • Progress on getting Freescale based kernel into Linaro trees for iMX53.

Bugs fixed