Hello again.

Next week is 12.01 Release Week and the Android Team is hard at work with their blueprints. The 4.6 toolchain has been released, and there are pre-releases of Android ICS already working on most boards. The bug list has been cleansed and is being worked on. Two presentations have been accepted for ABS and ELC respectively and one is on the waiting list to ABS. Here is a summary of this weeks progress:

Key Points for wider discussion

  • Toolchain release done.https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/toolchain-4.6-2012.01/

  • 12.01 preview has been releasedhttps://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/toolchain-4.6-2012.01/ and tested.

  • Bug cleanup is completed. Only bugs reconfirmed on ICS remain.

Team Highlights

  • Good progress on “Create DS-5 Documentation and a Presentation”.

  • Progress on cameraHal for snowball VideoConferencing Demo.

  • Very good progress on OMX IL for ICS on Origen.

  • The “Binary Blobs Attack!!!” BoF session accepted at ELC.

  • Presentation “Integrating projects using their own build system into the Android build system” accepted at ABS.

Bugs fixed


  • Abhishek absent (Republic day,India), 26th to 27th Jan.

  • Kejun Zhou absent (public holiday) from 20th to 30th Jan.


  • Testers must get antennas for Snowball to test BT, WLAN.