As you may have already heard, some great things are coming out of Linaro this week. Hardware accellerated graphics in Linaro Evaluation Builds! Incredible. My awesome collegues in Linaro worked together with member companies and communities in a focused effort, and it paid off! Here’s what the Linaro Android Team did last week.

Key Points for wider discussion

  • Hardware accelerated graphics for Linaro Android Snowball ICS is released.

  • Hardware accelerated graphics for Linaro Android Origen ICS is released.

  • 11.12 final Release Candidate testing done on all boards and builds.

Team Highlights

  • libpng integrated into ICS.

  • DS-5 Gator included in the ICS builds on all boards.

  • ELC/Connect/Android Builders Summit planning is ongoing.

  • Good progress on WiFi integration for Snowball.

Bugs fixed


  • Linaro will operate with reduced staff during Christmas holliday until Jan. 2


  • none