The Linaro Android Platform Team, Period Dec. 06 to Dec. 13

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It’s getting real close to the 11.12 release now. We are all putting in a little extra effort. Hardware acceleration will make a huge difference to our platform, and it is happening right now on two of our boards. The other exciting news is that we are introducing support for the Arm DS-5 debugger. This Eclipse plug-in really rocks! Also, we are preparing for the February 2012 “Super Weeks” in San Francisco. First Linaro Connect, Then Android Builders Summit and finally the Embedded Linux Conference. See you there!

Here’s a list of this weeks major achievements.

Key Points for wider discussion

  • Hardware accelerated graphics for Linaro Android Snowball ICS is running. Soon to be released.

  • gator (for DS-5) is running on Snowball, Pandaboard and Virtual Express.

Team Highlights

  • Good progress on Hardware accelerated graphics for Linaro Android Origen ICS.

  • ICS can be built with a gcc 4.6 based toolchain.

  • Good progress on strict-aliasing support for gcc 4.6 toolchain.

  • Progress in updating ffmpeg in ICS to version 0.9.

  • A kernel rebuild script is finished and ready for deployment.

  • A wiki page on how to install DS-5 on 64-bit Ubuntu Oneiric workstations is available.

  • Good progress on ELC/Connect/Android Builders Summit planning.

Bugs fixed


  • Goodbye Frans Gifford and Chao Yang. Many thanks for terrific work!


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