Here’s what the Android Platform Team has been up to this week…

Key Points

  • The Linaro toolchain has been integrated into all Linaro Android 4.0 ICS builds. Still some optimizations to be forward-ported.

  • Finished 11.12 planning

  • 11.12 RC Pre-Release 2 has been validated on all major boards.

Team Highlights

  • Good progress on integrating libpng into ICS.

  • Good progress on integrating DS-5 debugging support in all ICS builds.

  • Progress in Snowball and Origen MALI h/w accelerated Graphics.

  • Tested 11.12 Releases on iMX53/Snowball/Panda, including Preview 11.12 RC 2.

  • Ongoing Bug scrub. Removing bugs that are invalid for ICS.

  • Finished and set up review of LAVA test for toolchain benchmarking into LAVA.

  • Linaro master AOSP build has been set up.

  • Progress in porting the Ethernet Connection Manager to ICS.

  • Bluetooth changes for Origen ICS have been merged.

  • Progress on bug “hdmi display not working with staging-origen manifest”.

  • Progress on ICS bringup and feature enablement on Arm VExpress-A9.

Bugs fixed>


  • Work is ongoing to increase the storage capacity ot “hackbox” the cloud-powered build environment for experimental builds.


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