The Automated Testing Summit

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The Automated Testing Summit took place on Oct 25th in Scotland. The summit was a full day event that attracted members of the testing community. Unfortunately, it was by invite only hence the recording sponsored by Linaro to help you catch up on the details discussed. While it was invite only, the majority of test systems and frameworks were represented.

The primary aim of the summit was to develop a common understanding of automated testing and discuss a framework for describing how the different systems should work. At present there is very little coordination between all the different test suites. There is also no forum to share resources and development ideas, nor is there a common definition of test plans or strategies and how to report results. By bringing together the testing community, the hope is to encourage more future collaboration. has a good summary of what was discussed and detailed minutes are also available.

The morning was spent going through and bikeshedding/discussing common industry terms used in automated testing, especially with regard to embedded linux testing. This was useful for some people who were not involved in embedded testing, and in any event was a good way to get an understanding for each other and for one another’s work and scope.

The afternoon was a bit more focused on specific items. Discussing areas in which we could work together through standardized interfaces and projects. The only applause of the day was when everyone agreed to collaborate on Matt Hart’s pdudaemon project for pdu automation.

We finished by discussing how to build a community around automated linux testing. We identified key action items to work on and agreed to use the mailing list ( more.

To watch the complete summit, click here to watch the video recordings.

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