The 11.09 Android Toolchain has been Benchmarked background image

The 11.09 Android Toolchain has been Benchmarked

Zach Pfeffer

Andy Doan has put together the Android benchmarks for the 11.09 toolchain. You can check it out here:

Older benchmarks can be found at:


  • skia continues to show monthly improvments.

  • cximage all toolchains score about the same.

  • gcstone 4.5 was the only to show improvement over Android. This is slight regression from last month. However, the results from this are biased to the “Total List Alloc Time” test case.

  • gnugo Shows month-to-month improvement, but 4.5 still outperforms 4.6

  • python There was a small month-to-month regression in the 2011-09/2011-08 toolchain for 4.6.

The 4.6 graphite optimization “-floop-interchange -floop-strip-mine -floop-block” were more consistent this month than last month.

This chart shows percent improvements against Android 4.4. This was done by comparing the cumulative totals for each benchmark:

Android Toolchain Benchmarking Summary Image

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