The Linaro Android Mini-Summit that was held on Wednesday, 31 October, 2013 as part of Linaro Connect Europe (LCE) 2012 at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“When we began planning the Mini-Summit Linaro’s CTO [David Rusling] said that he wanted to bring each part of Linaro together to discuss, plan and hack on Android with the goal of creating a set of high-level goals for optimizing Android for Arm now and in the future,” wrote Zach Pfeffer, Tech Lead for the Linaro Android Team.  “To accomplish this I asked the Linaro leads, Linaro engineers, member representatives and end-product OEMs to come and discuss how to accomplish this at Linaro,” continued Pfeffer.

Through the collaboration of those involved in the discussion the Android Mini-Summit was born. What emerged was a 4 hour mini-summit centered on optimization and unification made up of an overview and welcome, two plenary sessions and four 1 hour follow-on sessions that included :

  • Android Dalvik, V8 and Bionic Optimization Discussion

  • Android Graphics

  • Android Kernel and Power Feature Discussion

  • Embedded Android

The Android Mini-Summit started as two plenaries kicked off Day 3 of the LCE12 - Copenhagen and gave everyone the opportunity to attend as these daily opening plenaries aren’t in parallel with other tracks.

During the first plenary session the ST-Ericsson Linaro Technical Steering Committee (TSC) representative and the Android lead for ST-Ericsson, Christian Bejram talked about its Android. Berjam presented Android optimizations, challenges and the strategy for overcoming those challenges. Those strategies include:

  • Be small, aggressive, tactical, moveable

  • Be agile and open to change

  • Align and work with communities

  • Contribute, release early and often

  • Continuously refactor

  • Align to Android development methods

  • Have clear processes, guidelines, infrastructure and tools to support and help developers

  • Write code with the upstream in mind

  • Develop and maintain a strong open source awareness in the organization

Thomas Langås VP Engineering for  FXI,  presented the second plenary. Langås covered how Linaro helped FXI accelerate their development of the revolutionary Cotton Candy stick. Echoed in this presentation were the importance of how community involvement can speed development and how Linaro’s upstream focused builds allowed them to more easily work with their upstreams which Bejram pointed out in the early plenary session as well.  Key ‘take away’ message from this talk:

  • Linaro’s upstream focus speeds development of end products

For more information about each of these sessions and how you can get involved, see the links below for the full session notes. Where available, links to slides (pdf) and videos of the sessions are listed.

The mini-summit wrap up included a discussion with ST-Ericsson engineers about their experiences building Android devices. “It was commented that customers are expecting BSPs to contain the most up-to-date Android and the challenges SoC vendors have making this happen,” added Pfeffer.

From there the conversation then focused on upstream-to-productization and productization-to-the-upstream. ”It was remarked that Linaro has been able to help streamline these two paths, bringing the dream of tip based product development closer to reality,” continued Pfeffer.

He concluded with, “I would like to thank the army of people that helped put this together and gave their time to help us define a path to a better Android future on Arm.”

Detailed action plans and summaries for the four 1 hour sessions can be found in the original Google+ post.

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