A few weeks back I went to Hong Kong to attend Linaro Connect Asia 2013 in Hong Kong(LCA13-Hong Kong). This event took place at the Gold Coast Hotel on 4-8 March.  It was a really awesome experience with many enthusiastic participants from around the world sharing their exciting presentations, participating in interactive sessions on upcoming challenges, attending advanced training sessions, learning latest techniques on hacking member boards and so much more.

The list of attendees who gave keynotes included Jonathan Corbet (LWN), Lars Kurth and Mark Heath (Citrix), Jason Taylor (Facebook), Greg Kroah-Hartman (Linux Foundation). In addition to these keynote speakers, Karim Yaghmour (Opersys, Inc.) ran an Embedded Android Training Workshop.

Keynote talks started each days events and was really interesting. Jonathan Corbet talked about the importance of taking the big.LITTLE switcher code forward for community review. Lars Kurth, the Xen Community Manager discussed Xen on the Armv8 platform. Jason Taylor discussed how Facebook servers handle data. Greg Kroah-Hartman gave a very interesting talk about how people often commit mistakes unknowingly when sending patches upstream. He stressed the importance of testing your code and then gave practical examples on how the lack of testing could jeopardize the entire device tree when the code is submitted.

For me, the most interesting topics at LCA13-Hong Kong included:

  • The Embedded Android Training Workshop with sessions about Working with AOSP and Native Android User Space

  • QA Services for Kernel CI monitoring to support the upstream kernel community directly

  • Armv8 AArch64 Porting effort given by Riku Voipio

In addition to theses sessions we had interactive sessions on LAVA during the LAVA Training Workshops, the afternoon hacking session and more. There were a lot of ideas and discussion with so many hot-chips and exciting challenges and it was exciting to talk about what works and what we were going to do next.

A heartfelt thanks all the team members of Arm and Linaro for their joint working effort in releasing of big.LITTLE IKS and Armv8 model.  None of this would have been possible without the effort of everyone at Linaro and Arm.

Linaro announced its newest group– the Linaro Networking Group (LNG)– which builds on the model that was created with Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) and brings together members with several new companies.

Overall this was a very exciting week for me and  I cherished every moment during at this Connect event. I hope others thoroughly enjoyed this event as much as I did connect. The social events which took place during the week were amazing as well. I enjoyed all the discussions during the evening Meet and Greet.  Spending time with all my friends was great fun as we went to Mong Konk to do some electronics related shopping, and to Lantau Island and the Big Buddha Temple, which is so amazing and peaceful.

Our next Connect event–Linaro Connect Europe 2013 (LCE13)–will be in Dublin, Ireland.

I hope to get back to you very soon :)