Linaro Connect SFO17 day one summary and day two begins with new Arm developer system

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Linaro CEO George Grey, in looking forward to day two of Linaro Connect SFO17, said “Linaro Connect is once again the place to be if you are involved in open source on Arm - from IoT to Digital Home, automotive to networking, datacenter to HPC. End to end Arm device to cloud demos and the announcement of Open Source Foundries started the week, and we look forward to announcements from Socionext on Arm hardware, as well as a keynote on AI/machine learning and automotive focused sessions today.”

The opening keynote by Kanta Vekaria PhD discussed how high performance computing (HPC) has developed and where it is going. Vekaria also tested the knowledge of the audience throughout the presentation with on-the-fly survey questions. Following the introductory slides, Vekaria talked about the open source components in HPC and Linaro’s collaborative engineering work in the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) HPC special interest group (SIG). Tech lead Renato Golin was also invited on stage to talk about OpenHPC and the latest 1.3.2 release. Vekaria concluded by inviting people to get more involved and attend the multiple sessions planned for later in the Linaro week.

Socionext Chairman and CEO Yasuo Nishiguchi PhD then introduced Socionext and the SynQuacer multi-core CPU and server. Sharing information on scaling and throughput, Nishiguchi stressed the advantages of parallel computing across multiple CPUs. He concluded by introducing the new desktop Arm developer platform and was then joined on stage by Linaro CEO George Grey and LEG director Martin Stadtler, who introduced and thanked the team who had been working on bringing up this new system, which came off the production line five days earlier. LEG engineer Ard Biesheuvel then demonstrated the system “just working”, i.e. booting and working like a normal desktop, including playing a YouTube video. These keynotes began day two of the five-day Linaro Connect. The previous day began with a keynote by Linaro CEO George Grey. This was followed by team planning sessions in which the engineering groups discussed the work they would be doing in the week. The afternoon hosted twenty sessions in four tracks and committee meetings for the Networking, Enterprise and Digital Home groups.

Thursday Title Speaker Track Resources page Video Slides
SFO17-400K1 Keynote: Iliyan Malchev (Google) Iliyan Malchev Keynote View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-400K2 Keynote: Imagine The Internet in Ten Years – Aaron Welch (Packet) Aaron Welch Keynote View Resources Yes No
SFO17-401 UEFI Secure Boot and DRI for RDK on HiKey Kalyan Nagabhirava LHG View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-402 SDIO power on/off time impacts system suspend/resume time! Ulf Hansson Power Management, Kernel View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-403 Optimizing the Design and Implementation of KVM/Arm Christoffer Dall Virtualization View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-404 Ion integration challenges Archit Taneja LHG,LITE,LMG,Kernel View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-405 Multi-threaded Programming on Arm – a MP/MC Ring Buffer Case Study Ola Liljedahl LNG View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-406 IPsec Full Offload Support in ODP Bill Fischofer LNG View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-407 Collaboras involvement in KernelCI Guillaume Tucker View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-408 Active State Management of Power Domains Viresh Kumar LEG View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-409 TSC BoF: OSS Toolchain Discussion Ryan Arnold Toolchain View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-410 KVM/Arm Nested Virtualization Support and Performance Jintack Lim Virtualization View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-411 BoF: AOSP LMG View Resources No No
SFO17-412 BoF: ION Laura Abbott – Sumit Semwal LMG, Kernel View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-414 96Boards Mezzanine Workshop and info session Robert Wolff 96Boards View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-415 Update Remotely IoT Devices using Eclipse Hawkbit and SWUpdate Nicola La Gloria LITE View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-416 Preventing Linux in your car from killing you: The L4Re Open Source Microvisor System. Michael Hohmuth LITE View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-417 The Open-Source seL4 Kernel. Military-Grade Security Through Mathematics Gernot Heiser LITE View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-421 The Linux Kernel Scheduler (For Beginners) Viresh Kumar Power Management, Kernel View Resources Yes Yes
SFO17-451 An Overview of Post-K Supercomputer Development in Japan Yutaka Ishikawa LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-452 A Validation of Ceph Block Performance for Random I/O Applications Chris Marsh LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-453 Hyper scaling concept server LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-454 Arm v8A and java 8: Shifting The Datacenter Balance Simon Ritter LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-455 High performance IP communication for the datacenter Bogdan Pricope LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-456 HPC BoF Renato Golin – Kanta Vekaria LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-457 Works on Arm: CI/CD Infrastructure for Open Source and Commercial Software Testing Ed Vielmetti LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-458 6WIND High Performance Networking Software for Arm Servers Keith LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-459 RDO & RHEL 7.4 Jon Masters LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-460 Qualcomm in the Datacenter LEG View Resources No No
SFO17-461 Faster, Leaner and More Openness: Java is Accelerating Innovation for the Cloud LEG View Resources No No
SFO17-462 View Resources No No
SFO17-463 OS and architecture agnostic Docker Images LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-464 Spack LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-465 Cavium in the Datacenter LEG View Resources Yes No
SFO17-TR07 Intro to Linaro and 96Boards for Engineers Robert Wolff 96Boards View Resources Yes Yes

Senior Director of Engineering for Linaro Technologies Alan Bennett summarized Connect as “a mashup of the brightest minds in Arm and open source software to address, propose and debate the future direction of Arm in open source” and “a safe forum for presenting new ideas and receiving constructive feedback on complex and highly technical topics within almost all areas of open source software.” To find out more about Linaro Connect SFO17, please visit and you can see what is happening at the following links: Flickr / YouTube / Facebook /

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