Security Session Highlights from SFO17

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Here are a couple of security highlights from last month’s Linaro Connect SFO17.

SFO17-309 - Secure Storage Updates “The last release of OP-TEE includes big updates to secure storage. Integrity protection is improved and the entire secure storage space is saved as one snapshot on each update.” video/slides

Speakers: Jens Wiklander, Jerome Forissier

SFO17-201 - Secure Boot on ARM systems

Building a complete Chain of Trust upon existing industry standards using open-source firmware “This presentation describes how this goal can be achieved on ARM systems from the very first firmware executed at power-on up to the Operating System execution by combining ARM Trusted Firmware with EDK2, two reference open-source implementations of the ARM Trusted Board Boot Requirement and UEFI Secure Boot specifications respectively.” video/slides

Speaker: Matteo Carlini Event: Linaro Connect SFO17

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