The second Android pre-release is done and has been tested.


Each build is based on Android 2.3.5 and has been compiled with Linaro’s 11.10 GCC 4.6 release, with -O3 and strict-aliasing turned on.

Tracking builds are based on “Androidized” Linus HEAD trees, staging builds are generally based on the last stable Android kernel/common.git + linux-linaro. Both build types contain enablement patches that have not been upstreamed yet. Beagle xM is built using an upstream only tree, and represents the state of upstream enablement.


Linaro Android Build Service

Tracking Panda Linux version 3.1.0-rc9+ Staging Panda Linux version 3.1.0-rc9+ (coincidence) Beagle xM Linux version 3.1.0-rc9-09767-g52e3db9 Staging Snowball Linux version 3.0.4-g7118ded Landing Snowball Linux version 3.0.0-rc7-g2036fd7 Staging Origen Linux version 3.0.4-01826-gd24a797 Staging iMX53 Linux version

See each build page for usage info.

Linaro Android 11.10-rc2 smoke tests

All the smoke tests are listed on tests. See the “11.10 Pre Release 2” section.