Announcing Linaro Connect Asia 2013

LCA13 Linaro Connect

We’re thrilled to announce that event registration and hotel booking at the Gold Coast Hotel in Hong Kong is now available for  the Linaro Connect Asia 2013 (LCA13) - Hong Kong event  – the industry’s foremost event for developing Linux on Arm— scheduled to be held on  4 - 8 March 2013. Book early because registration is limited. To book the hotel you will need to download the booking form (odt and doc formats) and email it to: If you have question about booking your hotel accommodations please send an email to

This intensive week will involve the best software developers participating in discussion and planning in the morning, hacking sessions in the afternoon and socialising in the evening.

For LCA13 Track participants can expect the track sessions throughout the week to include:

  • Server

  • Android

  • Graphics and multimedia

  • Kernel

  • Engineering builds

  • Power Management

  • QA

  • Infrastructure

  • Tools

  • Validation and LAVA

  • Training

In addition to theses track sessions, LCA13 will include a number of mini-summits, including a Server mini-summit hosted by the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG).  More mini-summits will be announced as they are added to the schedule.  Check the schedule page on Linaro Connect to see the latest updates.

What did you miss at the last Connect?

LCE12 - Copenhagen took place from 29 October to 2 November in Copenhagen, Denmark with more than 300 delegates from over 80 companies. Included below are some highlights from this event  which give a nice overview of what happens at our Linaro Connect event:

3 Mini - Summits

Session Tracks

Demo Friday Event

  • Linaro – Linaro-Linux Kernel Demo – Various Member Boards

  • Linaro - Galaxy Nexus with Linaro Improvements Programming Station

  • Linaro - NI Power Measurement of Android

  • Linaro - Benchmark and Hotspot Automation

  • Linaro –  Android/Standard Linux on Galaxy Nexus

  • SIProp – 3D copy machine

  • Samsung LT - Android on Insignal Origna Quad Core Low Cost Board running Samsung Exynos 4412 SoC

  • Texas Instruments LT - Arm energy probe + Linaro software demo

  • JogAmp Community - JogAmp graphics, audio, media and processing libraries


Why come to Linaro Connect?

Are you passionate about – or are just wanting to get involved in – the latest Linux on Arm developments, then this is a key event for you! You will be defining the Arm tools, Linux kernels and builds of key Linux distributions, including Android and Ubuntu, on our member and other Arm SoCs.

Linaro Connect is also an ideal event to attend for technical executives interested in investing into Linaro. The Linaro management team is available throughout the week to introduce you to the company and explain the many benefits of collaboration for your company and market situation. If you would like to meet with a member of the management team during LCA13 please send an email to prior to the event so that a meeting during the event can be arranged.

Finally, sponsorship of LCA13  is now available, with a variety of great packages.  Email for more details.