Session Name: Compression support in OpenDataPlane(ODP) – BUD17-103

Abstract: A proposal to add ODP based compression/decompression API to provide portable hardware accelerated access for data plane applications that require compression/decompression. The proposal outlines 2 schemes: A. Reuse the existing Cryptography API to support Compression. B. Introduce independent Compression API. The initial implementation will target Cavium OCTEON TX SoC to accelerate IP Compression (IPComp)

Speakers: Narayana Prasad Athreya Track: LNG Session ID: BUD17-103 Resource page:

Session Name: PCI-e EndPoint mode of operation in OpenDataPlane(ODP) – BUD17-107

Abstract: A proposal to add ODP based support for PCI-e Endpoint mode of operation. In the Endpoint mode the ODP implementation runs on the Endpoint device while the Root Complex(PCI-e host) will appear as a peripheral device. The proposal outlines 2 ways in which the Root Complex can be registered with ODP: A. As a NIC device B. As a Co-processor. The initial implementation will target Cavium OCTEON TX SoC

Speakers: Narayana Prasad Athreya Track: LNG Session ID: BUD17-107 Resource page:

Session Name: High performance software packet scheduler – BUD17-111

Abstract: High performance implementation of scheduling algorithm

Speakers: Track: LNG Session ID: BUD17-111 Resource page:

Session Name: Journey of a packet – BUD17-300

Abstract: Describe step by step what components a packet goes through and details cases when components are implemented in hardware or in software. Attendees will have the definite presentation to understand fundamental differences with DPDK and how ODP solves low end and high end networking issues.

Speakers: Maxim Uvarov Track: LNG Session ID: BUD17-300 Resource page:

Session Name: ODP IPsec offload panel – BUD17-306

Abstract: Discuss IPsec offload from: Application perspective Application developer perspective Implementation perspective

Speakers: Bill Fischofer, Bala Manoharan,Nikhil Agarwal, Bogdan Pricope, Petri Savolainen Track: ** Session ID:** BUD17-306 Resource page:

Session Name: High resolution data plane timers – BUD17-320

Abstract: Exploration of how timers are used in mobile networks as well as proposals for achieving higher timer resolution in software implementations of timers in OpenDataPlane.

Speakers: Brian Brooks Track: LNG Session ID: BUD17-320 Resource page: