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OpenDataPlane Project Up and Running

Bill Fischofer

At Linaro Connect USA 2013 the Linaro Networking Group announced the OpenDataPlane project.  Together with its member companies, LNG is creating an open source fully cross platform framework for data plane applications.  The preview release of ODP was delivered at the end of 2013 and can be downloaded from the project’s web site at

For 2014, ODP is adding additional reference implementations for new platforms as well as adding additional features and functions.  Also being prepared are a series of presentations, user experience discussions, and demonstrations which will be showcased at the upcoming Linaro Connect Asia in Macau, March 3-7, 2014.

ODP’s goal is to provide an easy to use high performance framework that serves the needs of data plane application programmers seeking easy portability across various networking SoC platforms without sacrificing performance.  For system vendors, providing an ODP reference implementation for their platform will enable them to offer hardware accelerated performance to data plane applications without requiring applications to recode to support their platform.  All this is intended to provide a wider range of choice for customers seeking access to the best applications and platforms to suit their networking business needs.

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