Open Key! Linaro Connect Day 2

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Day 1 of Linaro Connect Asia 2013 was full of energy, excitement and yes, a little exhaustion as jet lagged settled in on more than a few attendees.  George Grey, Linaro CEO and Jon Corbet of set the tone of the day in their opening keynotes–open collaboration. The buzz in the sessions and in the “hallway” tracks really focused on making sure Linaro finds the correct balance of open collaboration with our members interests and those of upstreams and community.  Jon Corbet “gently” reminded Linaro about the importance of open collaboration in his keynote.

Keynote Videos

We had 12 sessions that were broadcast or recorded and while it wasn’t without some of he first day hiccups, we did manage to capture most of those sessions.  Today should be even better; however, if you are having trouble with remote participation please let us know by popping into #linaro on or emailing us at

Additional Videos and Interviews

In addition to our Linaro on Air Hangout videos we have the privilege of having Nicolas ‘Charbax’ Charbonnier of and Stuart Coe of Form filming sessions and interviews at this Connect event.

Linaro Connect Asia 2013 -Day 2 Schedule* - 5 March 2013

(Please note - all times are in HKT and schedule is subject to change)

Remote Participation

Remote participation instructions can be found at:

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