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LMG Lightning Talks – BUD17-106

Abstract: Short updates on various LMG initiatives, including boottime reduction, Android 4.9, ART, Serial Device Bus and PPP upstreaming. This is a series of short (~10 minutes) updates on LMG Initiatives:

– Boottime reduction status updates (AOSP)

– Efforts in making ARM the best platform for Android (ART)

– Whats new in android-4.9 (Amit Pundir)

– Intro to Serial Device Bus (Rob Herring)

– PPP Effort Update (Sam Protsenko)

Speakers: Track: **LMG **Session ID: BUD17-106 Resource page:

Session Name: Status of Android “AOSP” TV – BUD17-118

Abstract: LHG has recently launched an AOSP TV lead project which is focused on specific TV use cases using Android from AOSP for TV form factor. This presentation will describe the current AOSP TV builds on 96Boards and the strategy for Android TV for members and the community.

Speakers: Khasim Syed Mohammed Track: LMG Session ID: BUD17-118 Resource page:

Session Name: AOSP Toolchains – BUD17-202

Abstract: LMG team, in collaboration with Toolchains team, has worked on multiple areas related to clang, gcc and native AOSP builds. Bero and Renato will take us through what has been done, and what we need to continue to do. This presentation will focus on LMG efforts around the following:

– Clang CI efforts

– Getting AOSP to build with gcc 6/7

– Building kernels with clang

– Native AOSP builds and development

Speakers: Bero Rsenkränzer, Renato Golin Track: LMG Session ID: BUD17-202 Resource page:

Session Name: Future of Android Automated Testing – BUD17-206

Abstract: This session will talk about efforts around increasing Android testing – frequency, automation and coverage. The discussion will include details about: – Current testing Linaro does

– Changes we’re working on for testing AOSP/master

– More kernel focused testing & integrating community tests into android

– “Sharding” CTS test runs in the cloud for faster results

Speakers: Track: LMG Session ID: BUD17-206 Resource page:

Session Name: Energy Awareness: The Next Step – BUD17-222

Abstract: This will be a forward thinking session where, in the age of ML/AI/VR/AR, we share some ideas that could help transform EAS into a Hardware/Kernel solution that uniquely adapts, in realtime, to every single platform without the need for prior costly & precalculated knowledge.

Speakers: Carlos Kik Lloret Track: LMG Session ID: BUD17-222 Resource page:

Session Name: AOSP BoF – BUD17-414

Abstract: By definition, ‘unplanned’ session for people to come and discuss anything around AOSP – including AOSP for members, AOSP for non-Android Linux devs, OPTEE/Security, AOSP TV, to name a few. An initial list of topics for discussion could include:

– An Intro: Uses of AOSP codebase at Linaro and members

– AOSP for Linux developers (an intro to the AOSP codebase for regular Linux guys?

– OP-TEE/Security


– Perhaps Completely open graphics stack

Speakers: Sudip Jain Track: LITE Session ID: BUD17-414 Resource page:

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