Look who's talking now - Interviews from LCE12-Copenhagen

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There is never a shortage of people to interview at the Linaro Connect events and LCE12-Copenhagen and UDS-R were no different.  However; finding time in people’s schedules often prove to be a challenge, but I was able to track a few Linaro people down and discuss demo’s, mini-summits, changes, challenges and more.

Linaro Interviews

David Rusling, Linaro CTO Reflects upon LCE12-Copenhagen (new members, mini-summits and LEG)

Linaro Connect (LCE12) Copenhagen - Interview with Jesse Barker and Alexandros Frantzis on Open GL Insights

Linaro Connect (LCE12) Copenhagen - Interview with Vishal Bhoj and Bernhard Rosenkranzer

Linaro Connect (LCE12) Copenhagen - Interview with Zach Pfeffer Android Tech Lead

Linaro Connect (LCE12) Copenhagen - Interview with Mark Orvek Director of Kernel Working Groups

UDS-R Interviews

I also had the opportunity to interview and or facilitate interviews for some of the UDS-R personalities as well.  These include:

As always it was a pleasure to work with Form AV folks and all of the staff at UDS. Many thanks to everyone for the opportunity to conduct these interviews and I look forward to the follow-up ones over the next few weeks.

Feedback and Questions

Do you have questions for Linaro Team members?  If so, let me know. I’ll be conducting both email and Hangout interviews over the next few weeks so take a look at our Meet the Team page and email me (Amber Graner) any questions or topics you like more information about.

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