The 19th Annual LinuxTag event kicked off today at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds in Berlin, Germany where event planners are expecting over 10,000 visitors from all over Germany and the UK.

Andrea Gallo, Director Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG)

For Linaro though, it’s tomorrow, Thursday, 23 May that’s the big day at LinuxTag.  If you are in Berlin, interested in Linux on Arm and want to connect with developers from Linaro then you are in luck as Andrea Gallo, Director of the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) is set to open the Linux on Arm/Hardware in Action track. Gallo’s talk will explain how the governance works for both the core Linaro activities and the group specific ones, will describe the latest achievements in the various sub-teams, the mid-term roadmap and the resources available to all community developers to get involved and contribute.

Sessions given in English include:

Linaro Expands its open source collaboration model with the new Enterprise and networking groups - Andrea Gallo (Linaro)

Xen on Arm - Stefano Stabellini (Citrix)

Linux on Arm servers - André Przywara (Calxeda / Linaro)

Open- Source embedded GNU/Linux Plattformen - Benedikt Sauter (embedded projects GmbH)

OpenPhoenux Smartphone: Learnings from the past and ideas for next year - Nikolaus Schaller (Golden Delicious Computers GmbH&Co. KG), Lukas Märdian (, Christoph Mair (

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