Linaro Welcomes its Newest Partner--Adeneo Embedded background image

Linaro Welcomes its Newest Partner--Adeneo Embedded

New partnership with Linaro

Adeneo Embedded announced its partnership with Linaro from Embedded World 2012 earlier this week.

Linaro’s Partner program enables companies like Adeneo Embedded to take an active role in the organization and help develop the future of Linux on Arm.  By partnering with Linaro, Adeneo Embedded continues to further its commitment to developing reference BSPs and supporting Embedded device developments.

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“Linaro was founded to make it easier for developers to launch systems running Linux-based operating systems on Arm chips produced by Linaro member companies. Adeneo Embedded’s Linux and Android BSP development is a typical example of industry usage of Linaro’s work, we hope the combination of Adeneo Embedded expertise and our development work will accelerate the development of competitive, well-tested products for Adeneo Embedded customers,” said Linaro’s COO, Stephen Doel, in Adeneo Embedded’s announcement.

Linaro welcomes Adeneo Embedded as its newest partner and who with current partners, members and community will continue to build the future of Linux on Arm!

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