As head of Linaro’s Head of Operations I’ve been working behind the scenes to get Linaro up and running and delivering great code as soon as we can.

This is my first involvement in a start-up and it’s been an exciting ride. There were many late nights and huge amounts of activity leading up to our launch at Computex, but this has paid off. We have a great set of initial Members, leaders in the Open Source world. Linaro has had excellent coverage in both the technical and financial press, including both Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. The venture has also been widely reported in much of the popular press, and sentiment has been broadly positive.

A consistent message from the open source community has been to welcome the level of openness and visibility we are providing, although of course the proof will be in the code we produce. Our website received over 36,000 visitors in the first week and there is growing interest in the engineering pages. Googling “Linaro Arm” now generates over 140,000 hits.

On the engineering front, the Technical Steering Committee - our key technical decision making forum - is up and running with the first meeting a couple of weeks ago. The TSC will also be meeting face to face on 22 July in Prague, the same week as Linaro’s mid cycle engineering sprint. All Linaro Members are now contributing engineers into Linaro (called Assignees). The caliber of engineers being put forward by our Members is very high, so we’re confident we’re building a first rate team. As Assignees come on board, activity in the various Working Groups is starting to accelerate. But you will see from the Linaro Wiki there is already significant engineering progress, including the Alpha2 release of 10.11 last week. As a Management Team we are thinking about the longer term and will be testing our development plans with our Members over the next month or so, together with continuing to reach out to prospective Members.  We hope you can join us and help shape the embedded electronics industry either as a Core, Club or Community member.