Linaro held a virtual KVM/QEMU Mini-Summit on the 4th and 6th of February. There were 17 attendees representing five companies all collaborating on the future of Virtualization on Arm.

In an email, to the linaro-dev mailing list, Serge Broslavsky, Project Manager on the Technical Management team at Linaro, noted that the main goal for the mini-summit was to synchronize on the current state of Virtualization and to plan the work which needs to be done in this area.

Day One On the first day of the mini-summit included a discussion of the current status of the KVM on Armv7 and Armv8, IO Virtualization, virtio and IOMMU support code. The current process of maintainer-ship and a prioritized list of any outstanding tasks or development on v7 was reviewed.  The attendees also discussed what role Linaro could play in regards to development and testing.

Day Two On the second day of the summit attendees reviewed day one activities to see if they missed anything and then turned their attention to QEMU. These attendees looked at what development work was needed for Armv7 and Armv8 in regards to QEMU.  Other topics discussed included looking at where kvmtool fits in.

Conclusions As a result of this mini-summit, Linaro, with the help of its new Virtualization Team will be taking a more active role in the area of Virtualization on Arm. Virtualization will also be addressed at the Linaro Connect Asia (LCA13) event being held 4-8 March in Hong Kong the exact schedule is still being planned.

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About the Linaro Virtualization Team

The direction of the Linaro Virtualization Team is set by the LEG Steering Committee and Linaro Steering Committee. Work is done by a virtual team comprised of assignees from various teams within Linaro.

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