Linaro Networking Group - What Has Been Happening?

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Linaro Networking Group (LNG) has been very busy.  During the week of Linaro Connect USA (LCU14) the team had many activities that took place.   On the Thursday of Connect there were some surprising demonstrations involving OpenDataPlane (ODP) in the LNG hacking room. Surprising because of the breadth of multiarchitecture platforms (include Arm, MIPS and x86) as well as functional ODP applications that showed bare metal performance running in userspace on Linux. ODP has come a long way since LCA14. If you were not able to attend, here’s a recap of the LNG activities, sessions and demos during the show as well as an interview with the team’s Director discussing the activities the team has been working on and what is coming up.

Linaro Networking Group’s Director discusses the team’s current status:

Session Videos during Linaro Connect USA 2014

During Linaro Connect USA the Linaro Networking Group (LNG) held many sessions during the week to discuss in detail the team’s activities taking place.

  • Keynote Title:  “NFV: Empowering the Network”  by Dr. Christos Kolias - Senior Research Scientist at Orange

Keynote Abstract: 

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) envisions and promises to change the service provider landscape and has emerged as one of one of today’s significant trends. Although less than two years old, NFV has garnered the industry’s full attention and support. Moving swiftly, a number of key accomplishments have already taken place, and a lot more work is currently under way within ETSI NFV while we are embarking on its future phase. Various proofs-of-concepts (ranging from vEPC to vCPE, vIMS and vCDN) are being developed while issues such as open source and SDN are becoming key ingredients as the can play a pivotal role.

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Presentation: Video:

  • LCU14-111 ODP Project Update
    • ★ Session Summary ★ Update on the current status of ODP 1.0

★ Resources ★ Presentation: Video:

  • LCU14-310: Cisco ODP

    • ★ Session Summary ★ Cisco to present their experience using ODP to provide portable accelerated access to crypto functions on various SoCs.

★ Resources ★ Presentation: Video:

  • LCU14-401: Isolation / no_hz upstreaming progress

    • ★ Session Summary ★ Isolation allows a task to have the core dedicated to its needs until it exits, currently the linux kernel interferes with this isolation in multiple ways. This task is targeted at removing these interruptions.

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  • LCU14-404: LAVA and VLANs: Complex networks on demand

    • ★ Session Summary ★ A description of the new Linaro VLAN daemon (VLANd) development effort was discussed .

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Demos at Linaro Connect

In the time leading up to Connect LNG engineers were kept busy in getting their engineering demos ready for LCU14. Demos included APM, Avago, Cavium, Freescale & TI platforms running OpenDataPlane (ODP) with various applications, covering Armv7 & v8, X86, MIPS64 and PowerPC. In addition to Cisco’s own DataPlane & crypto application, Open vSwitch, Wireshark, Open DayLight, and Snort were run to demonstrate its functional capability.

To learn more about the Linaro Networking Group (LNG) please visit:  /groups/lng/ and for Data Plane Programming API: and

Below are some images from the Thursday LNG Day at Connect.

LNG demo day

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