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Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard - A centralized information hub for Arm developers

One of Linaro’s main objectives is to ensure that open source projects are enabled for Arm. This allows engineers to develop natively on Arm which ultimately results in better Arm®-based products and a more seamless user experience for the end user.

When developing natively on Arm it is important to get a view of which projects are supported on Arm platforms. Determining the status of various projects can end up being a time-consuming task for engineers who just need a quick answer.

Introducing the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard

This is why Linaro has created the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard (LED) project, a central location developers can find information on open source projects and their status. The Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard enables developers to quickly search necessary software project details, including information on supported releases, build status, user stories and more.

Image of the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard Webpage

To date there are 58 projects listed covering areas such as big data, databases, AI, virtualization, cloud, cloud native and storage. The plan is to expand beyond these areas to provide a comprehensive catalogue for the Arm status of open source projects.

Image of information listed for Apache Hadoop Project

By including latest information on as many projects as possible, the project aims to support Arm developers. As such, contributions from the community are essential!

“Collaboration across the open source community is critical and it’s fantastic to see Linaro and its members working together to provide vital insights into the health of key open source software projects on Arm-based platforms. The Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard Project encourages and facilitates native development on Arm by giving software developers a central location to obtain information about latest releases, builds, potential issues and fixes for any given project.” - Mark Hambleton, VP of open source software, Arm

“It is very meaningful to have a platform like the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard for Arm. It will benefit our open source community including users, developers and anyone else in the ecosystem. We are very honoured to be part of it and welcome more developers from the Arm ecosystem to join the project. Let’s work together to make our ecosystem better!” - Junping Du, General Manager of Huawei Cloud & Computing Open Source Business

How to contribute to the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard

Do you have a project you’d like to contribute updates for? All you have to do is go to the GitHub repo and submit a pull request. The Project will enable contributions from communities (under Apache-2.0 license) to assist in growing the platform dataset.

A step-by-step guide to contributing to the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard

  1. Go to
  2. Directory “_post” contains all the sub-page info using yaml, so please refer to this link as a guide for how to fill in the content.
  3. Fork the repo and submit to your repo
  4. Create a Pull Request and wait for review
Example of how to fill out a project on the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard

For more information on the Linaro Ecosystem Dashboard project go to

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