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Linaro Digital Home Group at SFO15

Mark Gregotski

The Linaro Digital Home Group (LHG) will once again be very active at Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015 (SFO15) and has scheduled a wide array of interesting events, presentations, and demos.

Linaro Connect is a great time for all the LHG engineers to get together to showcase to the open source community what we’ve been up to over the last six months. On Tuesday September 22nd there will be several sessions dedicated to Digital Home topics as well as demos later in the week that are aligned with the overall ‘Security’ theme of SFO15.

LHG will have the following presentations on Tuesday:

Title: SFO15-201: Boot Architecture for RDK

Abstract: A uniform boot sequence allows RDK systems to have predictable start-up behavior. RDK would like to use a two-level boot architecture, where the primary bootloader is device specific and initializes system registers, memory controller, and hardware resources, and the secondary bootloader implements more complex boot requirements like code download, system disaster recovery and firmware validation.

Title: SFO15-205: OP-TEE Content Decryption with Microsoft PlayReady on Arm TrustZone

Abstract: This presentation gives an overview of how various components of set-top software are integrated to provide a W3C EME solution employing a commercial DRM integrated with an open source TEE running on Arm TrustZone.

Title: SFO15-209: Cisco Connected Life IoT Gateway

Abstract: Experiences productizing the gateway (from hobby to product) and the challenges for IoT deployment scenarios: Home security, Home automation, Home healthcare, and Enterprise IoT (smart manufacturing).

In keeping with the security theme for the week, LHG will have a special event dedicated to “Security in the set­top box” on Wednesday Sept. 23rd. The event is entitled: Expanding security choices: DRM and CA Interoperability. The event will feature the CTO of Verimatrix, Petr Peterka, who will give a presentation discussing Enhancing Operability for Robust Revenue Security. This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with industry leaders discussing the challenges and opportunities in the evolving set­top security space.

Finally at the traditional Linaro Connect Demo­ Friday, LHG will be highlighting the following demos:

  • ­Microsoft PlayReady Integrated with OPTEE
  • ­Linaro Clear Key solution on HiKey Board
  • ­Qt Apps with Wayland for the RDK

Those attending Linaro Connect are welcome to come to any and all of the LHG sessions and events. If you are not able to attend you can visit the Linaro Connect SFO15 page to view recorded sessions and get access to select materials. Hope to see you there.