Linaro CTO Gives Overview of Linaro Connect Asia 2013

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In a video interview, David A. Rusling, Linaro CTO gives an overview of the upcoming Linaro Connect Asia 2013 event which will take place from 4 - 8 March at the Gold Coast Hotel in Hong Kong.

Keynotes Hong Kong

Rusling discusses what people can expect to hear from keynote speakers such as Jon Corbet of LWN, Jason Tayor of Facebook, Lars Kurth and Mark Heath of Citrix and Greg Kroah-Hartman of the Linux Foundation.

Rusling also discusses what he is personally looking forward to during this Connect as well the mini-summit,  the various workshops, training, hacking sessions, regular track sessions and more.

To see the full discussion check out the video:

More information about the topics discussed in this interview can be found at:

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