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Linaro Connect video - Andy Doan, Life in Linaro


Linaro Connect, Cambridge, UK - August 2011

Andy Doan, from the Linaro Engineering resources team, shares useful technical resources and tips about working with Linaro. While the primary audience is new Linaro engineers, this video should also interest anyone interested in getting involved in the Linaro developer and user community.

Here is a summary of covered topics:

  • Understand Linaro, its development process, its resources

  • Linaro technical resources

  • Get the best out of a Linaro Connect event

  • Get the best out of IRC, xchat configuration tips

  • How Linaro engineers talk

  • Linaro git trees, git and bzr tips

  • Linaro bootloaders, kernel (and how to rebuild), hardware packs

Make sure you watch this video if you wish to participate to the next Linaro Connect event. You will find more engineering resources on the Linaro Engineering Resources wiki page.

By the way, I joined this Engineering Resources team, working with Andy and reporting to Joey Stanford. I am still Linaro’s Community Manager, but it made a lot of sense to join this team, as there are many things in common between supporting Linaro engineers and supporting community contributors.

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