Linaro Connect Q2.12 Day 1 Session Videos Now Available

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Day 1 of Linaro Connect Q2.12 on 28 May 2012 has already had some interesting moments which started with a packed room for the opening plenary sessions to standing room only for the big.LITTLE session.

For the first time Linaro is using Google+ Hangouts on air to live stream the morning sessions and asking those who are remotely participating to be patient as they work out the kinks– sound issues, session leads being camera aware and slide presentations.

If you are interested in seeing the sessions that were recorded on Day 1 you can click on the links below or you can go to Amber Graner’s  [YouTube channel] and follow along there as well.

For those who want to participate and join the sessions please take a look at the schedule and you can find the live streams here and [here].

More information about remote participation can be found here.

More about Linaro Connect Q2.12 can be found here.

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