Linaro Connect Q2.12: 28 May - 1 June 2012 at the Gold Coast Hotel in Hong Kong

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We’re thrilled to announce that event registration and hotel booking at the Gold Coast Hotel in Hong Kong is now available for Linaro Connect Q2.12 – the industry’s foremost event for developing Linux on Arm. Book early to avoid disappointment! As usual, this intensive week will involve the best software developers participating in discussion and planning in the morning, engineering in the afternoon and socialising in the evening, with the following primary themes:

  1. Consolidation: Continuing our current major initiatives including refactoring the kernel, supporting the Arm Linux Maintainer’s tree, upstreaming CPU idle, unified memory management and moving towards a single zImage, all with a focus on reducing maintenance costs and speeding time to market for companies using our Member’s silicon

  2. Connecting with the future: Looking ahead to the software requirements for Arm’s new architectures and upcoming member platforms, including big.LITTLE, boot architecture (UEFI), A15 virtualization and Arm based servers

These themes reflect the key elements of the Linaro roadmap, which is driven by Linaro’s Technical Steering Committee, and much of the Schedule for Linaro Connect Q2.12 will be derived from this roadmap. Linaro Connect Q1.12 happened last month in Redwood City, CA with more than 300 delegates from over 50 companies. These were some of my personal highlights, which also give you a nice overview of what happens at a Linaro Connect event: We hosted 5 Summits including:

  • Scheduler Summit: Together with several Linux maintainers, Linaro set out plans to enhance the Linux scheduler to support big.LITTLE systems and make the scheduler more power-aware

  • Storage Summit: Reached agreement on performance and lifetime improvements for flash media

  • Arm Maintainers Summit: At Linaro Connect for the first time, discussion covered key infrastructure such as Device Tree, consolidated clock framework, the Arm-SOC tree and pin management

Its extremely important we get a lot of real engineering done, and these were available for the first time by the end of the week:

And its essential that our Working Groups have a highly productive week

So, if you are passionate about – or are just wanting to get involved in – the latest Linux on Arm developments, then this is a key event for you. You will be defining the Arm tools, Linux kernels and builds of key Linux distributions, including Android and Ubuntu, on our member and other Arm SoCs.

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Linaro Connect is also an ideal event to attend for technical executives interested in investing into Linaro. The Linaro management team is available throughout the week to introduce you to the company and explain the many benefits of collaboration for your company and market situation. Contact me, Stephen Doel, prior to the event so we can organise discussion with you during the week.

Finally, sponsorship of Linaro Connect Q2.12 is now available, with a variety of great packages. Again, contact me for more details.

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