Linaro Connect Europe 2013: People and Personalities of Connect

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Linaro Connect Europe 2013 (LCE13) in Dublin, Ireland was an amazing week long event complete will keynotes, planning sessions, afternoon hacking, social events, and more.

At each of these events, I take moment to pull some of the attendees away from their busy schedules and find out what they are working on, what they are excited about, what people can expect between events and more.

LCE13 was no exception. Working with FormsComm AV (our wonderful video team), I was able to find a moment for David Rusling, Linaro CTO to interview one of my favorite people in open source, Jon Maddog Hall about the work he will be doing for the Arm 64-bit porting project.

Another highlight for me, was to speak with Jon Masters of Red Hat. Jon never ceases to surprise attendees at each event he attends. True to form, Jon introduced attendees to Google Glass and gave us a glimpse of what LCE13 is like through the lens of Google Glass.

Also from Red Hat, Leslie Hawthorn who welcomed everyone on Wednesday morning with a keynote about why open collaboration is important. Leslie also gave pointers on how to achieve successful and effective open collaboration with a community.

Larry Wikelius of Calexda took a few moments out of his busy schedule to talk Arm 64-bit servers and what we can expect to see from Calexda over the next 6 months to a year.

LAVA, LAVA, LAVA! There were so many sessions, demo’s and even a mini-summit related to testing and validation at LCE13 that I snagged two members of the LAVA team-Alan Bennett and Tyler Baker- to chat with me about why LAVA is so awesome and how it’s making a difference for developers in the Linux on Arm space.

Andrea Gallo, stopped by for a few moments to tell me all about some exciting sessions that were coming out of the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG). We talked about OpenJDK, ACPI and the KVM on Arm demo that took place during Demo Friday.

George Grey, Linaro CEO and Rob Booth, Linaro COO both found some time to step in front of the cameras. George summarized the week as he discussed power management, 64-bit KVM, networking, LAVA and more. Rob explained Linaro as a Non-profit and what it means to be part of the Arm ecosystem and open source. Both George and Rob discussed the future of Linaro and what they were looking forward to seeing come out of LCE13 between now and LCU13 which will be co-located with Arm TechCon 2013 in Santa Clara, CA.

Last but not least, is Cole Crawford of the Open Compute Project (OCP) stopped by as well. Cole was also one of our keynote speaker for LCE13. Cole took a moment to explain why he was excited about LAVA-LMP and why the relationship with Linaro was important. Cole also invited Linaro Connect to co-locate with OCPs summits and hinted at the collaboration efforts between Linaro and its community and the OCP community.

Check out these videos and more on our LinaroOrg and Linaro OnAir Youtube Channels.

Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall

Linaro CTO, David A Rusling discusses Maddog’s involvement with Linaro on a project to port linux code to the Arm 64-bit processor. This project is based off a report with Jon Maddog Hall including a done by Steve McIntyre of the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG).

Google Glass as worn by Jon Masters at LCE13

Jon Masters of Red Hat talking with Amber Graner about Linaro Connect as seen through his Google Glass, as well as discussing Red Hat, Arm 64-bit etc.

Leslie Hawthorn, Red Hat Interview at LCE13

Leslie talks about how she developed her keynote talk. The need for discussion about open collaboration, what she is enjoying about Linaro Connect Europe and what she is looking forward to on the Arm front.

Larry Wikelius Interviewed at Linaro Connect Europe (LCE13)

Larry Wikelius of Calxeda at Linaro Connect Europe (LCE13) talking with Amber Graner about 64-bit Arm Server

LCE 13: Alan Bennett talking LAVA with Amber Graner

Linaro Connect (LCE 13): Alan Bennett, Linaro LAVA Engineering Manager talking LAVA, LMPs, test and validation, etc with Amber Graner.

Tyler Baker, Technical Architect, LAVA discusses how LAVA is improving Developer Workflow and more.

Tyler discusses how LAVA is improving the lives of Linux kernel developers in the Linux on Arm space. How LAVA is improving the workflow for developers and how LAVA is evolving.

Andrea Gallo interviewed at LCE 13 discussed Connect, ACPI, Open JDK, etc.

Andrea Gallo Director of the Linaro Engineering Group (LEG) interviewed by Amber Graner at Linaro Connnect Europe 13.

George Grey at LCE13 summarising the week and looking ahead to ArmTechCon13

George Grey at Linaro Connect Europe Summarising the week (power management, 64-bit KVM, networking, LAVA) and looking ahead to Arm TechCon13.

Rob Booth interviewed at LCE13 about Linaro, being not-for-profit and Arm TechCon

Rob Booth, Linaro COO at Linaro Connect Europe 13 giving his views to Amber Graner on Linaro, being a Not for Pofit and Looking Ahead to the rest of 2013 and co-locating LCU13 at Arm TechCon 13.

LCE13 interview with Cole Crawford of the Open Compute Project

LCE13 interview with Cole Crawford of the Open Compute Project by Amber Graner talking Community, Data Centre, At Scale Computing etc.

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