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Linaro Connect - Celebration night

Steve Taylor

We’ve been having another great week at Linaro Connect Q4.11 here in Orlando, with some major work progressed and important decisions reached. But I just want to spend a few paragraphs talking about our Linaro Celebration Evening.

On Wednesday, we took everyone from the Linaro Connect Q4.11 event to BiCE restaurant, next to Universal Studios (great restaurant and location by the way) for a meal and then a short awards session to recognise some of the outstanding work delivered by Linaro guys since we started.

Group photo of attendees for Linaro Connect Q4.11

Its worth reflecting on the difference a year makes. This time last year, we had engineers from Samsung, TI, ST-Ericsson, Freescale and others talking and working with each other for the first time.  It was amazing that we had achieved that in itself, but it was unusual if they would also socialise together. Fast forward a year and at the BiCE restaurant, the atmosphere was buzzing. Relationships have moved beyond merely work into friendships, and there is a deep sense of trust and community. That’s a credit not just to the guys themselves, but also their companies and the way they have invested into Linaro.

As I mentioned, the evening concluded with an awards session. I was a little worried about this – had we identified the right guys? Would other people feel offended if they weren’t nominated?

Is doing something like this too much for us conservative Brits J? The answer was definitely no, with loud cheers not just for those who received awards but also for the many people mentioned in dispatches. This is because each of them has done something special, not just in Linaro but in the wider Linux community as well. I’ve listed the awards and names at the bottom of this blog.

We finished the evening by unveiling posters listing the achievements from every team in Linaro and the list of people by start date who’ve made Linaro what it is today. There’s way too much to mention in a short blog, so do read them, you’ll be mighty impressed (I had to restrict the Tech Leads to 1 poster each – a number of them had put together achievements spanning several slides…).

So, finally, here are the award winners:

Greatest Upstream Contributor: Peter Maydell, from a standing start to number 1 QEMU contributor in the world, which has included fixing many, many long standing issues and support of OMAP3 and Versatile Express

Upstream Stamina Award: Linus Walleij, who’s done an amazing job consolidating the Arm kernel – check out his pinmux and pin control patches on

Person Most Likely to Deliver On-time Whatever is Asked of Him: Alexandros Frantzis, whilst the nomination is pretty self-explanatory, he’s generally recognised as one of our rock stars with a strong desire to pass along what he knows and understands to others so that they become better contributors

Most Patient and Effective Leader: Alexander Sack, who genuinely cares about those he works with and works to keep everyone working together smoothly. He is effective without being harsh and inspirational with out being superficial.

Best Cross Team Worker: Tom Gall, part of the Developer Platform team but also deeply involved with other teams, like Graphics (helping package Chrome OS components), Multimedia (helping maintaining the libjpeg-turboproject), Android (helping with libjpeg-turbo integration and making adb and other tools available as packages for Ubuntu).

New Starter with Biggest Influence in Linaro: Zach Pfeffer, who’s formed the Android team from nothing to delivering monthly Android LEBs based on the latest Linux kernel and GCC toolchain, so we’re ready to work with our Members to accelerate adoption of the upcoming ICS release

Pioneer Spirit Award: Lee Jones, Mathieu Poirier and Philippe Langlais, founder engineers of the ST-Ericsson Landing Team (our first Landing Team) who broke the path the other teams would follow.  They were the first team to up level their kernel to 3.0 and continue to support the Snowball LEB.

Most Pervasive Innovation: Andy Green, the kernel tracking tree model and Android branch he implemented for the TI Landing Team has been adopted by all the Landing Teams and is now starting to get used by our Members’ internal engineering teams

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