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Going to BKK16? You will need to know Pathable

Linaro Connect BKK16 is just around the corner and we are expecting another great event. There will be daily keynotes given by several industry leaders, numerous interesting sessions that attendees will want to participate in, afternoon hacking and a lot of meetings. So how do you keep track of everything happening each day? You will need to logon to the very easy to use Pathable event schedule system.

Pathable allows attendees to see the daily schedule of all activities, select just the ones they would like to attend, schedule meetings, have discussions with other attendees and receive important notices of any changes or additions to the schedule. It is also where all the content for each session will be posted first, so any links to presentations or videos will be posted under each session as soon as they are available.

This site will be the place to help you get the most out of your time at Linaro Connect BKK16 so it is really important that you:

  1. Go to the site and login prior to the event

  2. Set-up your profile and become familiar with the site and how it works

  3. There will be a “mobile app” available for you to install from the app store to access the community. This will be coming shortly. We will let attendees know as soon as this is available.

Below are some steps to help get you started:

Step 1: Go to the pathable site:

Step 2: Login – If you have registered for Linaro Connect BKK16 you should have received an email from pathable after 12 February with your login details. This email was entitled: “Please join Linaro Connect Bangkok 2016″. If you cannot find this email please send an email to:

Step 3: Once you get logged in – You will want to update your profile page so that other attendees know who you are, as well as set-up your password to something you can remember easily.

Step 4: Add Tags to your profile to identify teams you work with or areas you are interested in. You can see a list of the current tags being used by going to: Attendees>Tags (in the left hand drop down), but you can add your own as well. When people perform a “search” in the attendees or members list, they will be able to choose from the networking interests and tags you and the rest of the community have added to their profiles.

Step 5: Review the current schedule and add sessions you would like to attend to your schedule

  • Click the Schedule tab

  • Hover your mouse over the session description box that pops up that you would like to select and click the “Add” button that appears.

  • If you are on a tablet computer or wish to read more before making your choice, select the name of the session you are interested in. Then click the “Add to My Agenda” button to add the session to your schedule.

  • You can then go to the My Schedule page to see your agenda for each day

Step 6: If you need to have any meetings with other attendees you can also easily set those up through Pathable.

  • Visit the profile page of the person you would like to meet

  • Click the Schedule a Meeting option

  • If you would like to add additional people to the meeting, type their names into the “Attendees” field

  • You will see the schedule and free-busy time for you and the invitees on the right. Use your mouse to select a time that is mutually available.

  • Select or enter a Location for your meeting*

  • Type “Subject” and “Description” for the meeting to give the invitees background on why you would like to meet

  • Click the Send Invitation button.

​Your recipients will receive an email notification for the meeting with the option to accept or decline your request. You will receive an email notification when they have responded.

*Once meeting rooms are booked, there are still many areas around the hotel to meet. There is the option to have your attendees meet at the registration desk or put in your own location. If you need a specific room please see the registration desk.

For more help with Pathable:

These are the basics for Pathable however, there is much more you can do with the tool; including messaging other attendees, having a group chat, adding documents for a sessions etc. To get more details you can visit the Pathable Knowledge Base to learn more.

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