Linaro Connect Asia 2013 Day 5 - Awards, Demo Friday and more

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Rising Sun Hotel

As the sun rises over the Gold Coast Hotel this morning we are reminded that Linaro Connect Asia 2013 in Hong Kong is coming to an end today.

It’s been a busy week of training workshops, mini-summits, planning, hacking, interviewing, and more.

Presentation Slides

Presentation slides for most of the sessions can be found at:

Please note: If the slide deck is not there for a session you are looking for it means  ether no slides were used or the presenter did not share their slide deck with us.


The sessions that were streamed using Google+ Hangouts on Air can be found on the Linaro On Air Youtube Channel.

The video interviews and sessions that were filmed by FormsCom can be found on the LinaroOrg YouTube Channel.

The video interviews and sessions recorded by Nicolas “Charbax” Charbonnier can be found on

Schedule of Events - Day 5 - Friday - 8 March 2013

08:30: LCA-13 Awards - Grand Ballroom C&D -  #connect-ballroom-cd (webchat link) (Google+ Event Listing)

09:00: **Arm Enterprise Server: Assembly Dependencies - Grand Ballroom C&D -  #connect-ballroom-cd (webchat link) (Google+ Event Listing) **09:00: **PLATFORM BUFFER BBI /Kernel CI and Releases- Grand Ballroom A - #connect-ballroom-a (webchat link) (Google+ Event Listing) **09:00: Toolchain Working Group Wrapup - Grand Ballroom B - #connect-ballroom-b (webchat link) (Google+ Event Listing)

10:00: Testing Networking Code in LAVA/CI - Grand Ballroom A - #connect-ballroom-a (webchat link) (Google+ Event)

Demo Friday

Our Demo Friday event will take place between 5:00 - 6:00 pm today in Grand Ballroom B. More information on this event can be found at: /connect/demo-friday

Remote Participation

Remote Participation instructions can be found at:

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