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Technical panel discussion, machine intelligence and lots of demos

Linaro Connect Vancouver 2018 ended three weeks ago and tomorrow we’re at Arm Techcon. Linaro will be hosting the networking lounge again (booth 1321), presenting a panel discussion and showcasing some great demos. Make sure to come see us at the booth where you can:

Talk to us about Machine Intelligence

Three weeks ago Linaro announced the launch of the Machine Intelligence Initiative, the aim of which is to collaborate to reduce redundant engineering and fragmentation in the deep learning and neural network acceleration ecosystem. Arm is supporting this new initiative with engineering resources and by opening up the Arm NN inference engine and software developer kit to external contributions. Andrea Gallo, who heads up this inititiative at Linaro will be at Arm Techcon so make sure to pop by the booth to find out how to collaborate with Linaro on Machine Intelligence on Arm.

At Linaro Connect Vancouver 2018, Jem Davies from Arm gave a keynote on Enabling Machine Learning with Open Standards. To get a brief summary on his keynote, check out this interview with Charbax. Jem will also be giving a keynote at Arm Techcon on the future of AI and how Arm is helping enable the device revolution around AI. Robert Elliott from Arm presented a session at Linaro Connect Vancouver 2018 around Arm NN, something he will do again at Arm Techcon. In this talk Robert will look at real-world use cases of Arm’s ML software offerings as well as review the roadmap for Arm NN. For more information on keynotes, technical sessions, panel discussions, and hands-on developer workshops on the hottest topics in AI, check out Arm’s ML blog.

Come to booth 1321 to see demos showcasing 96Boards & Arm on Arm

We have a whole host of demos which we will be showcasing throughout Arm Techcon. Enjoy a cup of coffee at the Linaro Networking Lounge while checking out our demos and talking to us about Open Source on Arm. Here is a snapshot of some of the demos you can expect:

  1. Self Sustainable 96Boards Development Box and mobile node 96Boards and MiniNodes will be showcasing a new type of mobile developer experience! Arm TechCon attendees are invited to stop by the Arm Innovators Kiosk for a glimpse of a new 96Boards / MiniNodes collaboration project. This demo will include several foundational components and an almost infinite amount of use-cases. Robert Wolff (Community Manager & Engineer, 96Boards) and David Tischler (Founder, MiniNodes), will be showcasing this demo complete with their own personalized bells and whistles! Features will include auxiliary charging mechanisms, 96Boards based LTE access point and environmental data collection / transmission, and a small, custom carrier board which will be housed inside the box. The custom carrier board will carry 5 Raspberry Pi Computer-on-Modules, which can add additional compute capacity and run small, specialized workloads or containers that can be remotely deployed to to the box. This is a must see TechCon demo!

  2. Robox on Socionext Synquacer Developer Box Leveraging the 24-Core SynQuacer™ SoC in the Developer Box, this demo shows a Linaro custom implementation of a system capable of running multiple parallel AOSP instances, each executing in Docker containers on one single, powerful machine. Each instance can be remotely displayed and controlled independently via any end-device with a screen and an input method (phone, tablet, laptop, TV, etc) which effectively act as a thin-client. Robox was initially built with online gaming providers in mind, but could be useful for other use-cases such as video streaming and mass AOSP app testing.

  3. 96Boards Showcase A line up of available 96Boards processor and mezzanine boards will be on display at the Linaro booth throughout the entirety of the convention. Be sure to stop by the Linaro booth to see what new boards are available, as well as to meet with other members of the 96Boards community for coffee, Q&A, and several special 96Boards giveaways! Robert Wolff (Community Manager & Engineer) will be on site pitching new 96Boards initiatives and community opportunities for anyone who would like to get involved in this vibrant and growing ecosystem.

Attend our panel discussion: Proprietary Innovation vs Open Source?

Thursday 18 October 2018, 14:30

Executive Ballroom 210E

Linaro’s VP of Engineering Mark Orvek will moderate a panel discussing whether it is possible to preserve proprietary innovation in open source. Joining Mark on the panel we have got Tyler Baker (, Jeff Kauffman (Red Hat), Iliyan Malchev (Google), Heather Meeker (O’Melveny), Herve Sibert ( See below the complete abstract:

Uniquely in the Arm ecosystem, there is the collision of two worlds: the well-established embedded world of often bespoke platforms, stacks, and tools, and the arriving world of open-source software frameworks, often originating on commodity hardware. This session looks at this collision and asks if this meeting of open source and proprietary innovation has to be a zero-sum game.

Lots of Linaro activity at Arm Techcon - make sure to stop by!

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